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Dear bride to be.

Congratulations on getting the free guide!! Over 5000 brides have downloaded in the last 6 months which is AMAZING, Lisa (my head coach) and I have been blown away by the awesome results and progress they have all made.

Reaching out for the guide has allowed you to move one step closer to getting the body and importantly CONFIDENCE you've always wanted for your moment in the spot light!

How would it feel to completely erase one of the biggest worries tugging at the back of your mind…. how you’ll look on your wedding day?

You know your body will be the focus of attention. That’s why almost every bride goes on some kind of diet or exercise regime before her wedding.

How a bride feels about her body should never, ever have a negative effect on her wedding day.

And you want to be the most beautiful version of yourself right?

- Feeling euphoric with confidence as you stand in front of friends and family you haven’t seen for years.

- Turning to face your Groom, and hearing the crowd softly murmur “oh… wow…”

- Knowing that you’re the most beautiful woman in that room. From every angle!

If that’s not how you already feel, then I don't want you to disappear at the end of the challenge!

I Get You've Tried Everything Before... But only left With Depressingly average Results - With no Idea where to Turn

I get it. Thats why I give away my free guide. Wedding planning has got to be the busiest, craziest, and most stressful time of life. Even positive stress can be a pressure. And it’s not just your wedding that’s taking up your mental energy. Work, commuting, kids, family, social commitments… how is any bride supposed to find time to exercise and 'diet'?

Does that feel like an impossible task right now?

In theory, getting in shape for your wedding should be no different to toning up for a holiday. But it is. Of course it is! You’re about to make a commitment to your partner, in front of everyone you love and care about, with ALL eyes of YOU and hundreds of pictures of you from all angles.

You know exactly how you’d love to look. It’s a clear image in your mind. It’s an old photo from when you were slimmer. It’s a smaller dress or pair of jeans in your wardrobe you've not worn for years.

But you were fed up wasting your hard earned cash and time off on stuff that let you down which I why you reached out for my guide to help you..

Well, I can help you step into that slimmer picture for real.

Let me give you a precise blueprint for losing unwanted body fat that follows on after the challenge.

It’s helped hundreds of brides to get in shape, conquer food confusion, and keep the weight off. These are women who looked breathtaking on their wedding day, stunning on their honeymoon, and were still buying a smaller dress size two years later!

Fast Results That Keep On Coming Without Going To The Gym

Clear And Simple Steps That Work Around Your Schedule

1-2-1 Expert Support At Every Turn To Guranttee You Stay On Track

The Secret To Putting the female body into its highest state of fat burning 24/7

Phil Harrison. Founder Of:

If you really want to be the most beautiful women in room - from every angle on your wedding day, then I need you to forget about everything you've heard about stripping off stubborn fat and all the 'magic pill' plans out there.

Like most weight loss coaches or personal trainers I used to put clients on a complicated restrictive diet of calorie counting and hours of endless cardio. It was the 'standard' way to lose weight.

Problem was, it was a totally overwhelming, boring and demotivating for my clients.

They were constantly low on energy, fed up counting calories, depressed at meal times and finding it impossible to fit in gym sessions around an already busy life.

If I am totally honest, the results were average at best.

That was until early 2010, when I stumbled across a theory of fat loss buried deep in an old book I'd not read for years which contradicted eating less calories and proved you could do 3x20 minute sessions a week of exercise (no kit needed) to put the body into a state of fat burn for 36 hours each time! Imagine that!

Thats 7 days a week of constant fat burn - all without stressful and overwhelming dieting!

And Now You Can follow the exact system I used to help over 10,000 brides in the last 2 years!

All with a step by step blueprint That includes:

75+ Targeted Video Sessions A That Targeted Stubborn Body Fat:

  • Body part specific sessions to target your stubborn areas!
  • Progressive intensity so you always improve but at your own pace!
  • Burn fat 24/7 following just 3 sessions a week from your own home!
  • check-square
    Specifically designed to flatten stomachs, burn fat and tone arms, back, legs and bums

The Complete anti-dieting nutrition system You Can Follow For Life:

  • Every step, clearly laid out you to turn your body into a fat burning furnace!
  • Tailored to your individual tastes with endless variations!
  • No complex rules or cutting out carbs leaving you tired and hungry!
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    You'll learn how to eat on the go instead of prepping 24/7

Daily Support And accountability to make sure you stay on track:

  • Daily checks to make sure you're doing your sessions and hitting your goals
  • Support from expert coaches to help smash through plateaus!
  • Ongoing support from other brides and bridesmaids in the private facebook group!
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    Total support where it's need to ensure you don't fall off the wagon!

I had no idea know how simple and effective this blueprint would be and what it would do to radically transform the bodies and confidence of the brides following it. 

​It made it easy for them to take action and get started. No over-thinking or second-guessing. It’s was all laid out for them. Proven, simple, and designed to be totally flexible but effective.

They couldn't wait to tell anyone and everyone they knew “The Truth” about fat loss and that they better come see me if they really want to stop getting ripped off and finally get their body and confidence the way the wanted.

This Is was exactly what busy, tired, overworked and out of shape brides to be needed

With the formula of highly targeted and effective home video sessions combined with my anti-diet nutrition system I could help any bride, anywhere on the planet dial in their body just as they imagined before their wedding day.

Each step was tailored to fix each brides problem areas. It was flexible, realistic, and doable. It didn't overwhelm then but instead proved how just how easy it was to transform their body and confidence for the big day, honeymoon and beyond.

Here Is The Proven Blueprint For Your Wedding Day Body And Supreme Confidence

Stage 1

We start stripping away your excess body fat and boost your energy with home workouts and my “Anti-Diet” nutrition plan.

Stage 2

We target key body areas and tackle stubborn fat by introducing my 5 Key Fat Loss Strategies.

Stage 3

We create your personalised fat loss plan that prevents rebound and shows you how to stop yo-yo dieting forever.

The best part is that I have taken everything I’ve learned about rapid and sustainable fat loss and I’ve put it into a simple system that you can use immediately to get a sexy, slender and curvaceous figure in time for the final dress fitting... all naturally, safely, and permanently. But, what I think you’ll love is that I personally guarantee it will work for you.

Introducing The Bride Body Blueprint Program - To Be More Stunning Than Your Dress... No dieting, No Gym Needed, No Rebound

"You have my personal promise that you will look incredible if you Continue To follow this step by step blueprint, support systems and resources which are PROVEN to work with your body not against it"

  1. You'll Get A Tailored Online Video Training Program: Created to fix your problem areas with highly targeted video sessions so your body is burning fat 7 days a week (even as you sleep)
  2. You'll Get The FULL The Anti-Diet Nutrition System: Discover how to eat for rapid fat loss that doesn't leave you hungry, depressed with your food, calorie counting or prepping food on your days off
  3. You'll Get Ongoing Accountability: Weekly 1-2-1 coaching and support to ensure you stay on track and tweak your program to accelerate your results
  4. Ongoing SUPPORT & Motivation in our private members community group from all our welcoming brides to be who are there to celebrate your wins and pick you up on tougher days!

just £2 80p per day IF YOUR ONE OF THE NEXT 6  to join No Contract / cancel Anytime


Here Is Exactly What You'll Get:

  • 75+ Home Video Sessions Targeted To Specific Body Parts so we can fix your problem areas and get your body just the way you imagined it to be
  • Do It At Home Or On The Go In Just 20 Minutes so you can burn fat 7 days a week without leaving the house or if you only have a few minutes spare
  • Exercises That REALLY Work following my revolutionary 36 hour fat loss formula that kicks in after every session
  •  Simple And Straightforward Nutrition Steps so you know exactly what to eat for rapid fat loss and how to keep it off without ever dieting again
  • Total Flexibility To Move Sessions As You Need To so you never miss a session if life throws something at you last minute and your results still continue week in week out regardless of what gets in your way
  • No Food Prepping Required so you can grab food on the go and spend your valuable time off doing things you love instead of being in the kitchen all day/evening
  • Total Freedom To Eat The Foods You Love so you don't get depressed at meal times and get frustrated looking in the fridge everyday at tupperware tubs of chicken and brocolli
  • My Advanced Fat Loss Strategies that helped Alex go from a size 18 to size 10 in just 24 weeks
  • The 'Hardly Anyone Knows' Secret I picked up from a world renowned fat loss expert that will almost FORCE fat from your stomach in just days
  • Quadruple Your Energy Levels In 7 Days using my proven formula of eating for rapid energy and fat loss so you're not left starving and hungry like all the diets and programs you've tried before
  • No Calorie, Points Or Macro Counting so you don't have to obsess over your food and can eat out with friends and family whenever or wherever you want
  • How To Crush Stubborn Cellulite And Bingo Wings so you love buying new bikinis and showing off your toned figure on your honeymoon
  • The One Simple (but almost forgotten about) Trick to gurantee you don't rebound everything you lose so you can continue to buy the clothes you love summer after summer without covering up
  • Know Your Body Looks Stunning From Every Angle In Your Dress so you can get lost in the moment as you walk down the aisle instead of worrying how you look in-front of friends and family
  • Watch Your Groom Go Weak At The Knees as you walk towards him with confidence and proud you look just the way you wanted for him
  • Re-ignite The Spark And Passion In The Bedroom On Your Wedding Night with your new body confidence just like the way it used to be when you first met
  • Daily Support And Accountability so you stay on track to hit your goals this time, no matter how many times you've given up after a couple of weeks before
  • Rapid Results That Keep On Coming so you never get de-motivated and but instead look forward to getting the tape measure out each Monday
  • The Exact Step By Step Template I use to get brides to be stripping off excess fat from their arms, back, legs and stomach by EATING carbs instead of cutting them out
  • Love Going Shopping For Wedding Lingerie And New Clothes following my blueprint that will turn shopping trips in into a pleasure instead of a nightmare reaching for all the XL sizes you hate to wear 

Now You’ll Be Able To Achieve Predictable AND Long Term Results In Just Days Even When Your Crazy Busy: 9 in 10 brides get within 12 weeks of their wedding, panic, then crash diet, look drained in their pictures and then regain all the weight on their honeymoon. Which means that you can be the one in ten who not only gets in amazing shape for your wedding. . . but has the power to keep it off for good. What this really means is you can kiss your endless battle with yoyo dieting, flabby bits and low self esteem goodbye forever. And the reason I can make this bold claim with a straight face is because out of the 203 brides I’ve personally trained on this program, not one has taken me up on my bold “Works On Your Worst Problem Area Or Your Money Back” Guarantee.

See What Results Recent Blueprint Members Saw

just £2 80p per day IF YOUR ONE OF THE NEXT 6  to join No Contract / cancel Anytime


My Solemn Promise To You...

After 30 days with me, you must without a doubt, be supremely confident in your ability to not only lose the stubborn fat you've had for years for but to also wake up every morning feeling super confident your body will look as stunning as your dress, while consistently feeling more energetic, just like the hundreds of brides to be I've helped who looked back at wedding photos with pride. And if for any reason you don’t, just get in touch within the first 30 days and tell me you'd like a refund and I'll give you every penny of your money back . . . no questions asked.

just £2 80p per day IF YOUR ONE OF THE NEXT 6  to join No Contract / cancel Anytime


WAIT! Are you really prepared to let this opportunity go!

"I only have a few months to do this"...

I get it. A wedding is the ultimate time-sensitive weight loss goal. If you choose to spend some of your wedding budget on getting in shape, it absolutely has to work. You’re fed up with wasting money on diet plans, bootcamps and gym memberships. This is serious: this time it has to work.

"I've tried so many plans and programs. How can I be sure this will be different?"

Did you know that 65% of women in the UK tried at least one diet last year? In fact, only 5% of women say they are happy with their bodies. Why do we keep on searching for the ideal plan? Because everything we try lets us down. The answer, weirdly, lies in finding an “anti-plan”. A sensible system which educates you as it takes you through a short-term transformation. This program does NOT include: counting calories, using a food tracker app, prepping food into Tupperware tubs, cutting out endless foods, going low carb, or ruining your social life. You don’t even need a gym membership.

"I always do well for 2 weeks then lose my motivation, how will you stop this happening again?"

Motivation will NOT be a problem! And here’s why. The amazing results in the first week will fire you up like never before. Visible changes in your body, inches lost, clothes fitting differently… Stage One will have you buzzing with excitement to achieve more. No more “Monday morning diet dread”. You’ll be excited to measure yourself (nothing like those numbers fall!) and push on for another week. We steam roller right over motivation with our results!

"If I do this, it has to work, This is non-negotiable!"

Understood. This is the most significant day of your life. Any diet or training plan which lets a bride down should be off the market. Bridal shape-ups plans have to live up to their promises.

These common problems are why I created this program. I’ve spent 10 years coaching brides 1-2-1. The Bride Body Blueprint gives you the best of my knowledge at a fraction of the cost. And you don’t even need a gym membership. This is everything you need. No gym membership, no supplements, no diet foods.

"The choice you have to make at this stage of your wedding planning is: to change, or stay the same. The decision is yours"

​Phil Harrison - The Bride Guy

P.S.: If you’ve already set your wedding date, get started on your blueprint plan now. Don't spend the final few months crash dieting. Please don’t think “if only…” when you get your photos back. This how to do it the sensible way.

How can I understand what brides want? Well, I might be a bloke but I’m a devoted partner to Kate (and Dad to little Alarna). I’m one of those guys with tons of female friends who seem to trust me as a sounding board. And of course I’ve coached hundreds of brides to their best-ever bodies. I’d like to think that I understand what you want to look and feel like on your wedding day. And I definitely know how to get you there. I’m excited for you, because I know how you could look. If you’re ready to trust this programme, apply now. This time next week you could already be seeing the changes.