Discover the Fastest Way to get Your Ideal Wedding Dress Body no Matter what You've Tried Before that Didn't Work

"Do you still dream of walking down the aisle full of confidence?"

  • Is lack of time to exercise and following complex diets holding you back from walking down the aisle full of confidence?
  • Have you already spent hundreds (if not 1000's) of £'s in the past trying to lose weight in gyms, only producing depressing results which was a constant battle trying to fit with your busy life?
  • Do you already feel miserable and uncomfortable in your tight clothes, so you avoid mirrors and feel frustrated at the thought you may have to reach for a 'fat hiding' wedding dress?
  • Do you refuse to 'do it' with the lights on and you worry your weight will ruin the passion on your wedding night?
  • Your anxious about about being center of attention and in front of the camera on your big day with photos you'll have forever after?

You NEED to Fix it BUT...

"You can't stand the thought of 'dieting' again"

  • ​You discovered they only work if you spend all your valuable and limited time off in the kitchen prepping food?
  • That they only ever left you craving sweet foods and reaching for quick snacks as you we're always so busy on the go?
  • ​You were always left hungry and bored with the limited foods you could eat and ended up giving up, then starving yourself, binge eating only to end up gaining weight?

"You don't have time to waste in gyms"

  • ​You've already tried endless cardio in gyms and doing classes that didn't help nor fit in with the constant shuffle of how busy life is?
  • ​You're desperate to fix your wedding dress problem areas but no matter what you've tried before your belly remains, bingo wings won't budge and you have no idea how to fix them in time for your wedding?
  • ​You've wasted so much of your valuable time and money on all sorts of 'magic pill' products that you heard produce 'miracle' results only to be left confused why it didn't work for you?

"You're fed up searching for something that works alongside your life instead of overwhelming it"

  • ​Your busy with life and its responsibilities with no hours to spare travelling to and from gyms or bootcamps?
  • You're frustrated about where to turn and feel like giving up (again)?
  • Everything you try just seems to overwhelm you and no matter how hard you try getting your body the way you've always wanted it just seems like an impossible task?


  • You want to feel sexy naked and ignite that long lost passion on your wedding night and beyond
  • You want to go shopping for the wedding dresses YOU LOVE
  • You want to walk down the aisle and turn your guests heads with your AMAZING new figure
  • You want to love having your wedding pictures taken, proudly looking back on them at how stunning you looked and what you achieved
  • You want to start your married life full of confidence walking hand in hand on the beach in your bikini on your honeymoon with your head held high
  • You want your groom to go weak at the knees as you walk towards him looking more beautiful and gorgeous than ever before
  • You want to have all of that without the constant stress or feeling overwhelmed
  • You want long term confidence in your married life not just a quick fix
  • You want to finally get control of your weight and confidence for good
  • You want a done for you, proven rapid fat loss strategy which cuts through all the BS advice on weight loss and flexible enough to work within your free time AND have a guaranteed expectation of results

How do I know ALL this?

Me (Phil) and my princess

Over the last 10 years I've helped numerous brides-to-be get their dream body by taking part in my bootcamp and personal training locations. I saw how their figure and confidence was overshadowing the happiness, passion and sparkle of preparing for the big day. I took their hand and step by step transformed not only their figure but the memories of their big day and beyond

Their friends would comment on how amazing their new figure looked and how it had improved confidence in all aspects of their lives. This lead to my inbox filling up with emails from desperate women who realised all the "I'll sort it tomorrow" promises had piled up and time had almost ran out to take meaningful action. But for every 10 requests I got only 1 or 2 who could actually make it to my locations to follow my bride-to-be transformation system

This genuinely upset me. I'm a bride-to-be transformation coach, it's my job (which I love) to turn anxious brides into the most beautiful and confident version of themselves - yet there I was unable to help the majority of desperate women that reached out in their hour of need

So in 2015 I launched the Triple R Bride-to-Be Online Transformation Program

A tailored home based video program with guaranteed results

  • Where they don't have to cope with restrictive dieting but instead follow my proven 'anti diet' lifestyle nutrition system which gives them total flexibility to eat normal foods without starving themselves AND rapidly stripping off fat from problem areas at the same time
  • Where they have a tailored and TARGETED exercise program which destroys stubborn fats by following short, intense and manageable video sessions at home via my online training app
  • Where they have a clear and structured path of communication and accountability, that holds them to every goal we set together and gives support each step of the way no matter what life throws at them

This is no "one size fits all" transformation program

You're taken through 3 very individual transformation stages

Firstly I spend 1 hour on the phone getting to know where you are right now, what led you there, what struggles you face(d) and finally discovering the exact body you want on your wedding day

Then we agree effective but manageable changes to your eating using my proven formula as a template but fit around your lifestyle and tastes. Second I put in place a structured plan of home based rapid fat loss video sessions from my extensive library that is tailored to your specific problem areas. Every step we agree will work alongside your life instead of overwhelming it

Finally we'll agree a series of goal to hit every 30 days depending on how long you have to transform your figure in

In stage 2 I review all aspects of the program and the results so far. Although i will have already been in regular contact via email this is the perfect time to amend the nutrition and video sessions to really accelerate results and take the next step towards reshaping your figure just the way you want for your big day. During this stage we pay particular attention to shredding more of your belly and back fat, toning and reshaping your arms, lifting your bum and burning cellulite

This final stage brings together all the most successful parts of your nutrition and exercise to date and becomes your lasting blueprint on EXACTLY how to maintain your dream body way beyond your wedding day and honeymoon.

You will know exactly what to eat and how to exercise for lasting results and we'll work together to take your figure and fitness to new levels without holidays and life's challenges ruining you the amazing body and confidence you've worked hard to achieve

What Others Experienced On this Program

I have been working with Phil for around 6 weeks and it has honestly been an absolutely fantastic experience. Before I started I had got myself into a bit of a rut- over eating and not exercising at all because I was too embarrassed to go back to the gym I can honestly say that has all changed. In 6 weeks I've lost 16pounds, dropped a dress size, my skin has cleared up and I am exercising 3 times a week. This programme really is about you and helping you to achieve your goals even if they seem out of reach. I am getting married in August and now I am worried that my dress will be too big instead of being worried that I won't look good on my wedding day. I honestly couldn't have done it without Phil and all the other girls on the programme. It is such a good laugh and I couldn't recommend it more to those of you who are really struggling to just take that first step! Thank you Phil Harrison

Lauren C

Do you want to Discover Your Ideal Wedding Dress Body?

Then book a quick 15 minute all and I'll show you how I can help you transform your figure for your special day

​Laura lost 35 lbs 15 Weeks

Love What You Eat AND Still Shed Fat From Your Problem Areas..

"Even with a busy life and without leaving you feeling deprived and hungry"

  • ​Yes to eating large portions, 3 proper meals a day AND snacks
  • Yes to eating your favorite types of food
  • Yes to eating out with friends and family
  • Yes to eating sweet foods, snacks, treats AND CARBS
  • Yes to always being satisfied and excited about your food
  • Yes to eating the same foods as your family at meal times
  • No more calorie, points or macro counting
  • No more constant cravings for sweet foods that can't be satisfied
  • No more confusion about what you should or shouldn't eat
  • No more small portions or feeling hungry between meal times
  • No more dieting EVER

​"Hit play and see the REAL foods cooked by my REAL clients following The Triple R Nutrition System

​Ami lost...

I'll Make Sure You Stay on Track Every Step of the Way

"I'll hold you accountable to your dream wedding day body"

At each stage of your ideal bride body transformation I will check in weekly to make sure you're taking the steps we need and be there to keep you focused if any of life's challenges knock you off track for any reason 

Each week I'll be checking your body stats progress to make sure you're on track and step in if I see them not progressing the way they should. I'll use these body stats to make crucial changes to your home video sessions so we target the exact problem areas you want fixed before walking down the aisle

You'll become a member of my inner circle secret Facebook group where you and other brides to be will support each other on your transformation journey who were all once where you are right now. You'll discover secrets and tactics within this group that will continue to inspire and accelerate you towards your next goal

Claire lost 20 lbs 10 Weeks

What is the cost of not taking action today?

If You Do Take Action

  • Have your special moment in the spotlight just the way you want it
  • Feel sexy naked on your wedding night (with the lights on) and be able to keep up with him
  • Love being the center of attention with your new amazing and confident figure
  • Feeling totally stress free and confident about your figure for the big day
  • Turn your guests heads feeling proud of what you've achieved as you walk down the aisle
  • Be excited to go shopping for the wedding dress you love
  • Be confident having your wedding pictures taken and hung up to see everyday with happy memories of how stunning you looked
  • On your honeymoon walk on the beach with confidence ad come back feeling refreshed

If You Don't Take Action

  • Feel anxious guests will judge you for not getting in shape for your big day
  • ​Regret having to turn the lights off (AGAIN) on the one night you really don't want to.
  • Feel like your hiding under your wedding dress and anxious it will get tighter the closer the big day gets
  • End up crash dieting and starving yourself trying to get thinner which scientifically makes you gain more weight
  • Not be the slender and toned bride you always wanted to be for your groom as you walk down the aisle toward him
  • Look back on the pictures of the most special day of your life with regret and upset that you didn't take action and transform your figure when you had the chance

​Jessica lost 24 lbs 8 Weeks

Here is what you get...

YOUR Tailored Online Video Program

"Created from over 75 body part specific video sessions"

  • After your initial blueprint call I will create you a completely tailored video based program that will fix your stubborn problem areas for good so you can be confident and your body will be just the way you always wanted it to be as you put that wedding dress on for real
  • It will be uploaded to my smartphone/online training app where it will tell you exactly what videos to do, on what days and can be amended by you if you need to re-arrange days if things come up. I get notifications daily to tell me if you have completed the sessions or not
  • You can chose how long to do each session for (ideally 30 minutes) depending on how much time you have available. Each video has clear instructions and demos on what to do and how long for 

This system makes sure you never miss a goal we set. We work together to make your bride body transformation happen just the way you want it in the time you need

My online library contains highly targeted fat burning video sessions specific to each body part so I can amend your program to fix your problem areas as we go

My 'anti diet' system makes it super easy to eat the foods you enjoy and still shred fat from stubborn areas. Includes over 100 easy to make tasty recipes for the whole family

The strategies contained in this system will not only accelerate your results but guide you on how to overcome any obstacles you may be facing

You Want to be Full of Confidence and Look your Absolute BEST Right?

Still not sure?

"Let me take away any risk to you"


You are fully protected by my 100% Happiness-Guarantee on all my paid programs. If you're not happy with the results you've seen within 30 days I'll happily refund your money back to you no questions asked

Why my Program is Application Only

"I'm very protective or my inner circle and only work with action taking brides"

​To get accepted you:

​Must Be:

  • A serious bad ass action taker who is prepared to follow my advice
  • Who is desperate to feel confident in their wedding dress and will commit themselves wholeheartedly to this program
  • Who is fed up with wasting their valuable time and money on 'magic pill' products that they know don't work

Must Not Be:

  • Happy with what you are doing and the results its producing
  • Someone who is just looking for the next magic pill or weight loss unicorn to come along
  • Someone who is happy with their figure and what they will look like exposed in their wedding dress on their big day

So what's it like working with Phil and following the program? Answer - amazing!!! I have been dieting all my adult life, I had pushed my poor metabolism into the floor. Plus I was training hard on top and my results were going backwards. I needed to press the reset button and let me metabolism restart. That's what happened!!! The weight then came off - and from the correct areas!! Love handles butt etc!! My energy levels rocked, my bloated tummy vanished!! Also from 1:1 coaching I have managed to disassociate my nutrition and my emotions so I am finally in control of my relationship with food!! I am so excited by this journey and if you want get the body you want then definitely work with him!! You won't regret it!!

Claire P

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