Welcome to Phase 2 of your Body & Confidence Transformation

In this phase we're going to tailor the nutrition and training to fixing your specific problem areas and build on the results from the RESET phase

Please watch the short videos in sequence below to get started

Step #1

Overview & Strategy Call

In this video I will reveal exactly what will happen during this phase of your transformation

CLICK HERE to complete the short Stage 2 strategy form and book your strategy call (read phase 2 nutrition and the Strategic Cheat Meal Info before the call please)

Step #2

Phase 2 Nutrition

In this video I will explain exactly how your nutrition changes  in the second phase to maximise your results

CLICK HERE to download the Reshape Phase 2 Nutrition & Recipe Book

CLICK HERE to download the Strategic Cheat Meal Info

Step #3

Tracking Progress, Food Diaries & Stats

In this video I discuss how you should move forward with your food diaries, body measurements and pics in phase 2

Step #4

The Sessions - How they will change

In this video I will explain what you can expect from the online video sessions and how we will tailor them to fix your stubborn areas

Step #6

Advanced Strategies

This video explains how we overcome roadblocks and challenges using my advanced fat loss strategies

Resources You Will Need:

Body Stat & Before Picture Instruction Video

Bookmark this webpage so you can come back here when you need these links

See you on your Phase 2 Strategy Call

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