Challenge Nutrition Plan

Here are the 3 nutrition documents you need for this challenge. 

#1 - Is one of my most effective 7 day meal plans I've used with existing clients. You don't need to follow exactly. It's more important that you read and follow the guidelines attached to it. You can switch any meats you don't like for ones you do or if vegetarian you can replace with your own sources of protein.

#2 - Is a huge cheat sheet of over 180 foods you can eat and substitutes of foods YOU MUST avoid (unless no way of) during the challenge.

#3 - Is the exact food diary Clare (one of my clients) did for her first week on the program and lost 14 lbs. I'm not saying you'll see the same result BUT its there as an example of eating variety of foods and still getting results.

Please read everything in full before asking questions in the group. The better you understand them, the faster your results will come. 

Lastly... these plans are GUIDES. You make them you're own. You can swap foods for other foods for you're own taste.

Thank - Phil