Welcome to the Start of your Body & Confidence Transformation

Please watch the short videos in sequence below to get started

Step #1


In this video I reveal what the aim of the 28 day rest phase is and what we steps we'll be taking during it

Step #2

The Reset Nutrition Phase

In this video I will explain exactly what we'll be doing with your nutrition in the next 28 days and why we do it this way

CLICK HERE to download the Reset Nutrition System | CLICK HERE to download the Reset Phase recipe book

Step #3

Your Weight Loss Blueprint

In this video I will reveal exactly what your weight loss blueprint is, how we do it and how to book in for it.

CLICK HERE to complete your weight loss blueprint (may take about 30-40 mins to complete) and book your blueprint call

Step #4

The Sessions

In this video I will explain how the sessions work, what to expect and how to access them using my online app

Step #5

Support & Accountability

This video reveals the various support and accountability steps we go through to gurantee you stay on track and hit your goals

Step #6

Tracking Progress

This short video reveals how we track your progress and what steps to take to get your body stats to us

Please see the links and video below to put all your body stats and pictures in

Step #7

Food Diaries

This video will reveal the importance of keeping food diaries and what the best way to do that is

Step #8

Secret Facebook Group

This video explains how to find my secret Facebook group, what goes on in there and the best ways to use it

CLICK HERE to request joining the Secret WomenOnFire Engage Facebook Group. You will be accepted into the group after doing you blueprint call

Resources You Will Need:

Bookmark this webpage so you can come back here when you need these links

Body Stat & Before Picture Instruction Video

Use this link to print of copies of the food/truth diary that must be submitted on this template

See you on your blueprint call...

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