Ready to quit the endless speed dating of weight loss products and finally find ‘the one’?

Let’s face it, you’ve been round the houses, trying everything. Starting, stopping, starting again, stopping, never really seeing the results you expected

It’s frustrating as hell, when you’re seriously committed to changing how you feel about your figure, maximising your confidence and feeling awesome on the big day right?

You promised yourself some many time you would stick to it dieting and losing weight each time, yet here you are;

More pissed off you didn’t act sooner

More stressed because the big day is looming

Leading to more anxiety about why things didn’t work and where to turn to next

We get it, we really do and our services have evolved into a rapid solution for women just like you who need a PROVEN bride to be transformation

It’s about transforming the start of your new lives together not just dress size on the day

You want feel and look perfect for him on the day instead of worrying about how ‘sexy’ you look

To turn heads for the right reasons in front of all your closet friend’s family and work colleagues as you walk down the isle

Leaving feelings of weight anxiety in your past and starting the new chapter in your life with excitement and confidence

We know you want to love shopping for that special dress and not have to choose the one that hides the most fat

And you want to walk into the reception room and instantly feel comfortable in how you look and not worry if people are judging you for being over weight

And of course... you want your wedding night to be magical with your new found confidence instead of a passion killer in the dark as you try to hide your ‘fat bits’

So how do we it?

First off, we need to make something very clear:

We believe (and vigorously defend) weight loss shouldn’t feel like a second job, it should fit in around your existing life and commitments and not make you more stressed

For it to work, it must be based on your circumstances and the steps you take must be a good fit for your life and not overwhelm you.

Every step in your bride to be transformation strategy should be

1. Clear and manageable
2. Thought out and achievable
3. Focused on getting you to your next goal

Getting stressed only leads to you giving up and we pride ourselves on this system being the one that gets walking down the aisle oozing with confidence

Every bride to be is taken through our PROVEN Rapid Fat Loss System BUT with one very important difference, the specifics are tailored to your exact needs and availability

Firstly, during your “Creating Your Weight Loss Blueprint Call” we’ll agree which training option is best for you based on your time and access to gyms.

Training Options include:

  • You training in your local/available gyms (worldwide)
  • You training at home and your local/available gyms (worldwide)
  • Home based training only (worldwide)
  • On location with us (Newcastle, UK only)
  • On location with us, home and gym training (Newcastle, UK only)
  • No training/nutrition only (only available in exceptional circumstances)

Second we’ll agree which type of nutrition plan is best for your lifestyle:

a) Flexible – using the guidelines and protocols we set outThis option is ideal for those constantly on the go and don’t have loads of time for prepping or patience to micro manage food intake and are not great at sticking to exact eating times

b) Strict – using a done for you, micro detail daily guide of what to eat, drink and what time.This option is best suited for those who have more time to prep food and can eat at times of the day that suit them

Thirdly we agree the MOST important thing of all:


We all know how to lose weight, exercise and clean eating right? So why are more women (an 99% of brides to be) feeling overweight, especially in a world with more access to ‘free’ weight loss advice, personal trainers, gyms and ‘magic pill’ diet clubs?

I’ll tell you why, because none of it works if

You give up

Lose motivation

Get distracted

Let life get in the way

Let tough days knock you down

Struggle to focus and stay committed

Have no one to turn to that understands your struggle

Have no one that can target your problem areas for you

So what’s the secret to guarantee your success?

I’ll tell you..


Lastly we’ll agree your 30, 60 and 90 day goals and what stage of the Rapid Fat Loss System below you should be at when you reach them:

Stage 1 – Reset

This stage will bring clarity to both your mind and body. We’ll clear up all the myths about fat loss, what you should eat, shouldn’t eat and when. Within 24 hours of starting your food plan your body will start to

Reset itself to a faster fat burning state

Start shredding unwanted water and toxins from swollen and bloated areas of your body

Increase energy so you’re more productive

Allow for better, deeper sleeps making you feel fresher in the mornings

Rebalance your hormones improving moods and accelerating fat burning power

During this stage the average client can expect to lose between 5-10lbs in the first 7 days and 1 stone in 28 days 

Stage 2 – Recharge

As the reset stage comes to an end, you’ll feel and look like a new person, you notice:Your body and its hormones start to speed up fat burning

Increases fat loss and increase energy

Feelings of increased positivity

Being mentally and physically fitter and stronger.

Being less stressed by tasks and situations that used ruin your day

Tiredness in the afternoons will disappear

And MOST IMPORTANTLY your confidence will skyrocket as you start to visibly see the changes in the mirror and the smaller clothes you’re buying for yourself

During this stage the average client can expect to lose a further 8-14lbs in 21 days

Stage 3 – Reshape

This stage is where your transformation starts to come together. Now that your body is at its peak of fat burning we’ll review your training plan to make sure it’s burning as possible as well as building stronger, more toned muscles


Stage 4 – Refine & Retain


Your Training Plan

Once all the above has been agreed we’ll go and design your personalised training plan and upload it to our smartphone app, which you can download for free. Using our app we can:

Upload your entire program of sessions with detailed descriptions on how

Amend your training plan and you’ll get instant notifications

Track your body stats as you go building up a complete history of your progress

Body Transformation Packages:

Plan: TheOne. | Investment: £8900 | Duration: 7 Day Intensive

Who is it for?

This 7-day intensive is the ultimate in body transformation services. Over 7 days we’ll work with you 1-2-1 at our luxury location in the North East of England delivering accelerated daily fat loss training and prepared nutrition tailored to the exact needs for your transformation.

This package will revitalise your body

You’ll not only walk away with a physical transformation but a new found mental strength that will transcend into every part of your life. This is truly a life changing 7 days.

Due to our own family commitments we only work with 4 clients a year on this package.

Plan: Fast Tracked | Investment: £850 monthly | Duration: 90 days

Who is it for?

Weekly 1hr 1-2-1 goal setting coaching call

Bi Weekly 1hr program and nutrition review

Daily email support

Office hour phone support

Sports and Event specific training programs available

Rapid Fat Loss Stack Supplements Included (months’ supply)

Plan: Accelerate | Investment: £330 monthly | Duration: 90 days

Who is it for?

1hr Skype Blueprint Consultation Call

30 Minute Skype Blueprint Review Call

Weekly Email Support

Rapid Fat Loss Personalised Training Plan (home/gym or combination)

Problem Area Specific Training Sessions Included

Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition System

Rapid Fat Loss Recipe Books

Monthly Live Q&A

15 New Recipes Per Month

10% Discount On Rapid Fat Loss Supplements

Plan: Rapid | Investment: £197 monthly | Duration: 90 days

Who is it for?

1hr Skype Blueprint Creation Call

Monthly Skype Blueprint Review Call

Weekly Email Support

Rapid Fat Loss Personalised Training Plan (home/gym or combination)

Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition System

Rapid Fat Loss Recipe Books