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Here Is What Some Of My Recent Clients Have To Say​​​​

When I first met Iain he was frustrated at the lack of progress and results he had achieved.He had a big goal of getting back into the shape of his life by his 50th bday but after a bad experience with a former trainer and was unsure on what he needed to do to achieve his desired results.

He wanted to get back his masculine edge and foe his wife to look at him like the dominant man that he knew he was inside.Iain didn’t know what foods he should be eating, how many calories he needed each day or the most effective way to train.

Without a game plan and understanding of how you’re going to get there, you’re essentially pissing In the wind.One of the biggest advantages Iain had was a clear, defined goal and vision of what he wanted to look and feel like.Iain wanted to be in the best shape of his life at 50 years old, athletic and defined physique….

He wanted to look like a men’s health fitness modelIain works in a very senior and demanding job where he needs be on top of his game each day.FYI - Ian’s photo was taken after 12 weeks of working together.

12kg lighter and his masculine edge fully restored

Before I stated working with Kevin his main goal was to shred body fat and feel more confident with his top off.

Like most guys I work with he didn’t know the best way to go about achieving his goals and needed a structured training and nutrition plan that was personalised to his wants and needs and provided results.

He had tried many different plans in the past but didn’t have much success as these plans weren’t tailored to Kevin’s goals.

His body looked different, his energy levels were low and it was effecting his work and perusal life.

Feeling frustrated and aware that he’s not getting any younger, Kevin knew he needed to make changes if he was going to be be able to perform optimally in every area of his life.

After only a couple of weeks working together, Kevin’s body was staring to change. He looked less bloated, had more energy, his sleep improved and so did his mood. Week by week Kevin’s fat was disappearing and as you can see he was able to achieve a phenomenal transformation.

But what I’m most pleased about is Kevin has been able to keep his great results for the long term and dent need to help of a coach or train rain as he has the knowledge require to stay in shape forever.

James went from Skinny Fat to lean and athletic.

James used to be in great shape a few years back but unfortunately took his eye off the ball with his health and fitness.

The long work hours, high-stress levels and lack of motivation took its toll and he found it impossible to stick to a training and nutrition regime.

He suffered with a lack of energy and had lost that spark as was suffering with big lack of confidence .

He had got comfortable, put on weight and needed a kick up the arse to get him back on track.James didn’t only want to look great he wanted to feel great.

James wanted to be made accountable for his actions so hired me to help him.What I’m most pleased about James’s transformation is not only does he look like an athlete with a great physique, he also transformed the rest of his life too.

More energy and a better performance at work has led him to be promoted and increasing his financial situation, providing more confidence and a greater purpose.

By taking full control over his health and fitness, James has been able to take full control of all aspects of his life.