This is no "one size fits all" transformation program

You're taken through 3 very individual transformation stages

Firstly I spend 1 hour on the phone getting to know where you are right now, what led you there, what struggles you face(d) and finally discovering the exact body you want on your wedding day

Then we agree effective but manageable changes to your eating using my proven formula as a template but fit around your lifestyle and tastes. Second I put in place a structured plan of home based rapid fat loss video sessions from my extensive library that is tailored to your specific problem areas. Every step we agree will work alongside your life instead of overwhelming it

Finally we'll agree a series of goal to hit every 30 days depending on how long you have to transform your figure in

In stage 2 I review all aspects of the program and the results so far. Although i will have already been in regular contact via email this is the perfect time to amend the nutrition and video sessions to really accelerate results and take the next step towards reshaping your figure just the way you want for your big day. During this stage we pay particular attention to shredding more of your belly and back fat, toning and reshaping your arms, lifting your bum and burning cellulite

This final stage brings together all the most successful parts of your nutrition and exercise to date and becomes your lasting blueprint on EXACTLY how to maintain your dream body way beyond your wedding day and honeymoon.

You will know exactly what to eat and how to exercise for lasting results and we'll work together to take your figure and fitness to new levels without holidays and life's challenges ruining you the amazing body and confidence you've worked hard to achieve