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REVEALED: The Hidden Method for Blasting Body Fat & Dropping Pounds For That Final Dress Fitting that The Industry ‘Big Hitters’ are Terrified You’ll Discover

Discover The Steps I've Used To Help Fed Up And Frustrated Brides get a body They love For their big moment in the spotlight and be able to maintain beyond the honeymoon without resorting to a diet that makes Them hungry and miserable.

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Finally, A simple Online Transformation Program For Busy, tired and fed up Brides To Be who just want to feel good, sexy, energised and full of confidence for their big day

When You Feel Fed Up And Frustrated By The Thought Of What Your Body Will Look Like In Your Wedding Dress On The Big Day,

There Are Only 2 Choices:

1. You can ACCEPT your current circumstances and stay exactly where you are telling yourself a lie each day that you're OK with how your body looks or will "deal with it later". Ignoring the fact you're really tormented by thought of being in-front on all your loved ones, friends and people you've not seen for years when you don't feel body confident. 


2. You can say to yourself ‘you know what, I’ve had enough of this sh*t’, and fight back against the "I'm OK with it" voices and make the conscious DECISION to make a change and become truly confident physically and emotionally for your big moment in the spotlight.

And that’s exactly what all the brides we've already helped realised once they were able to take the first steps and overcome the daily challenges they were up against, having complete control over their body, fitness and health, they were in the position to fully enjoy wearing that dress knowing they were proud of how they looked.

And that’s the reason we've made it my lifelong mission to help brides just like you.

There are too many brides beating themselves up everyday because they are struggling. With their friends telling them "you'll look stunning no matter what" but deep down the bride doesn't feel like that.

YOU don’t have to carry on listening to them and pretending like you’re not bothered. If YOU want to transform your body so YOU feel 100% confident then YOU go do it. After all its not them that has to look back at the pictures is it?!

You know your body will be the focus of attention. That’s why almost every bride goes on some kind of diet or exercise regime before her wedding. ​

How A Bride Feels About Her Body Should Never, Ever Have A Negative Effect On Her Wedding Day. And You Want To Be The Most Beautiful Version Of Yourself Right?

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    You want to Know that you’re the most beautiful woman in that room. From every angle!
  • Turning to face your Groom, and hearing the crowd softly murmur “oh… wow…”
  • Feeling euphoric with confidence as you stand in front of friends and family you haven’t seen for years.

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This Is For You If...

  • You currently feel rushed off your feet with the demands of work AND family life and need a clear and effective step by step programme thats fits your lifestyle.
  • You’re tired of ‘putting the hard work in’ and not seeing the results you want And Refuse To Be unhappy when that Final Dress Fitting Comes Round.
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    You’ve tried every other diet and exercise program but they've only left you with depressingly average results or rebounding weeks later and that CAN'T happen this time
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    You want a simple, easy to follow solution that will actually get you ‘head turning’ results for the big day without it taking over your entire life.
  • You want to be recognised for taking care of your body and stun all your guests you got your body just the way you want and are super proud of how you look.

Here Is What Is Included When You Get Started

Bespoke Meal Plan

A bespoke meal plan that suits you and your lifestyle that even includes periods of high-carb eating. That’s right - you’ll be able to lose weight, without eliminating the foods and treats you love, and while still enjoying pasta, potatoes, and even pizza.

Personalised Home Or Gym Training Plan

A personalised training plan that takes into account exactly what you want to achieve. I’ll look at your schedule, your goals, your genetics and what you enjoy doing to design a plan that challenges you and gets results, without taking over your life.

Community Support Group

Access to a private Facebook group full of other brides to be, all on the same journey. If you need a hand, or want some encouragement, they’re there to pick you up, dust you down and get you on your way again.

Expert Guidance

Daily access to our team to help you out. Whether that involves a kick up the backside or giving you a cuddle ... We're here for you to get you through the tough times and make sure you don’t drop off after the initial ‘honeymoon period.’

Your Questions Answered

Weekly live Q&As. Got a question? We’ll cover it to ensure you never get stuck or confused.

Clear & Simple Steps To Follow

Dozens of demo videos for every single exercise, so you’re clear on exactly what you’re supposed to do and don’t waste time or risk injury.

States Of The Art Training App With Your Own Programme In

A revolutionary but easy-to-use progress tracker with all your stats displayed right in front of your eyes. Making progress and staying motivated has never been so easy.

Weekly Accountability Sessions To Keep You on Track

Weekly feedback session, so you NEVER stay stuck at a plateau. We'll review your nutrition and training and make any tweaks needed to keep you progressing forward and on target to smash your goals.

The Results You Want That Can Last A Lifetime

All that, and you can expect to lose as lbs and lbs of pure body fat in just 4 weeks.

And Because We're So Confident This Programme Will Transform Your Body and how you feel on the big day, I Am Going To Guarantee Your Success

Put simply - I’m not going to let you fail!

Hey, Dan here, my team and I are here to help YOU sculpt your best body to date and get the kind of head turning, jaw-dropping results you've always dreamed of for your big day.

Using our science based approaches and continued support and accountability, we're able to give you ongoing motivation and help you break through plateaus so you can be at your very best (and stay there) way beyond the wedding day.

You’ll have the confidence every step of the way as we track your progress so you can see how your body, fitness, health and confidence is improving over the 28 days. We're always one step ahead so we can hit your goals and keep your results for life where most other programmes only produced depressingly average results.

How long have you been telling yourself that you want to get your body wedding dress ready? Well, here’s your opportunity?